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Introducing the Casio Men's G-Shock Aviation Black Resin Multi-Function Watch, which features a 1/1000-second chronograph designed to keep accurate time even under the stresses of high G forces that occur during air racing. With a self-charging Tough Solar power system, thereí_í‚?í_ŒÇ_?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚í__í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó___í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó___í_í‚í__í_Œ‚?Íäó_í_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚?͌©í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æí_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__?_í_í‚?í_ŒÇ_í_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚?Ííˆí_í‚í_Œ¢í_Œ‚í_?Ê__ä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢í_äóÁí_Œ‚?Íí_í_í‚í_?í_Œ‚í_?í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æí_í‚?í_ŒÇ_í_í‚í__í_í‚í_?æí_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó___í_í‚í__í_Œ‚?Íäó_í_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚?͌©í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æ?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__í_í‚?í_ŒÇ_?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__í_í‚?í_ŒÇ_í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__?ä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢í_äóÁí_Œ‚?Íí_í_í‚í_?í_Œ‚í_?í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æ?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó___í_í‚í__í_Œ‚?Íäó_í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚?Í__ä???í_í_í?í_Œ¢í_äóÁí_Œ‚?Íí_í_í‚í_?í_Œ‚í_?í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æí_í‚?í_ŒÇ_í_í‚í__í_í‚í_?æí_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó___í_í‚í__í_Œ‚?Íäó_í_í‚í_äó_í_Œ‚?͌©í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó__í_í‚í_äó_í_í‚í_?æ?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__í_í‚?í_ŒÇ_?í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__í_í‚?í_ŒÇ_í_í‚?í_ŒÇí_í‚í_äó__?_s no battery changing and its Multi-Band 6 Atomic Timekeeping receives time calibration signals from up to 6 transmission stations worldwide. A black resin case and strap with a fixed bezel embody its construction. The black dial with luminous hands and index hour markers and a sweep are powered by quartz movement. The dial also features Arabic numerals mark the 3, 6 and 12 o'clock positions and a date display between the 4 and 5 o'clock positions. Additional features include world time (29 cities) and a daily alarm with snooze, scratch resistant mineral crystal, solid case back and water resistance at 200 meters/ 660 feet.

Band Material: Resin
Band Width (MM): 22
Case Diameter (MM): 50
Case Material: Resin
Clasp: Buckle
Crystal: Mineral
Watch Movement: Quartz
Water Resistance (M): 200